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HONOUR. DESIRE. VENGEANCE. Aryavarta – the ancient realm of the noble. For generations, the Firstborn dynasty of scholar-sages, descendants of Vasishta . Maybe I am a little late to the party but could not resist answering this question as I have read one series and attmepted to read the other but failed. First about. Krishna Udayasankar is a Singapore-based Indian author, known for her modern retelling of Mahabharata through the novels Govinda, Kaurava and Kurukshetra. The three books collectively comprise The Aryavarta Chronicles.

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Don’t expect the characters in this book to be the ones which we have known all along. Another problem was that author chose to have other names of the characters instead of the famous names everyone knows.

We are told about the machinations of the order of Firewrights that has lead to the ruination of the Matsya kingdom. To that extent, it no longer matters whether these events happened or not The Firstborns are the scholars and sages, who are descendants of Vasishta Varuni and so-called protectors of the Divine Order on Earth. Was the massacre of FireWrights justified? Heroes, villains, gods and demons walk among these tales and it would make even the seasoned fantasy writers stare in wonderment at the seemingly endless treasure trove that stands before them.

The characters and t I was quite intrigued by the idea of presenting the most mystical, complicated, lovable, corruptible, charming and most folklored character of mythology as a political genius.

Will be reading the second one soon. Though I was very happy when I read the book cover page, I regretted it the moment I started reading it. When I purchased the book at Thiruvananthapuram airport for reading on my flight, I had hoped it to of the fantasy genre. A story for the sake of a story.

Her beauty was so great that she delighted all of the human senses. I’m a huge fan of the original and I think it’s always risky to tamper with a well-loved, well-known story, especially one that is an inseparable part of our collective Indian psyche — but I must confess — Krishna Udayshankar doesn’t let me down.


Sep 28, Harsha Priolkar rated it liked it Shelves: The title goes in apt with the story in hand, well defined with the story written in detail, the explanations given across every segment of the book.

Krishna Udayasankar – Wikipedia

Would you like to tell us about a lower price? As the bitter struggle to gain control of the divided kingdom ensues, Krishna Dwaipayana Vyasa of the Firstborn and the Secret Keeper of the Firewrights can only watch as their own blood, their kin, savage and kill on the fields of Chronickes. What I loved was the total perspective change I had for Duryodhana and Yudhishtira.

If only chapters were designed such a way that we only get to read particular chapter in particular POV Like game of thronesbook would have become more fluid and smooth.

Krishna Udayasankar

The Aryavarta Chronicles Book 1: In conclusion, I like the book, the ideas and the perspectives and look forward to picking up the next in the series. Govinda by Krishna Udayasankar But who holds the key to the fantastic and startling knowledge of chrnicles Firewrights, which in the wrong hands will bring doom upon the empire? Many authors have attempted their own interpretations and hcronicles and this is yet another version from yet another author.

Udayasankar’s Aryavarta is, in my opinion, the finest, most objective, practical retelling of the epic as we know it. For example, when Yudhistira is coroneted the Empire of Aryavarta and the First Honor is giving to Govinda; at that time Shisupala raises his objection and throw expletives at Bhishma and Vyasa for their atyavarta.

Will the true lineage of the First born again reign over the kingdom? For generations, chrohicles Firstborn dynasty of scholar-sages, descendants of Vasishta Varuni and protectors of the Divine Order on earth, has dominated here.

Govinda (The Aryavarta Chronicles, #1) by Krishna Udayasankar

This being the first installment I did not see nor hear much of Karna. The authoress has done a commendable job of not venturing astray and sticking to the main character Govinda till the end.


Jun 22, Sumeetha Manikandan rated it it was ok.

This book comes with a big question attached as a tagline: Even with pages, this book is not a drag but fast-pace Govinda: The Pandava princes are lead by Dharma who considers himself to be a sagacious leader. With more aspects to the personality of the various characters which she builds so exquisitely, she is able to weave a wonderful story, when many of the others have just been collections of incidents about central characters involved in the Mahabharata.

I took me sometime to make up my mind about this book. Similarly, Duryodhana is not projected as the quintessential bad guy, but rather a logical and rational person, who is torn by fate and duty. I will look for you, I will find you and I will kill you! Govinda is an enigma, who chronicle cannot decipher. The book gripped me from the first page on.

Book Review: The Aryavarta Chronicles, Book 1: Govinda

She has done extensive research on the field and I absolutely admire what she dhronicles up with and published. The story will make you look at the map given in the starting of the book a number of times with all the places and ancient kingdom with their terrain qualities clearly marked.

Could say, this looks like an Indian Game of thrones series with all the political machinations, different story threads.

The book is set in the ancient historical world of Aryavarta, a land of glory and beauty but that is now crumbled and wasted, as a result of a century long battle between the descendants of Vasishta Varuni, the protectors of the Divine Order on Earth and the Angirasa family of Firewrights, weapon-makers to the kings and master inventors.