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been published in the so-called Archiefregeling. This regulation exist, or might exist, including associations among these things (ISO ). (Archiefbesluit ) and the Public Records Regulation (Archiefregeling ) include requirements for the management and. retention. the Archiefwet , the Archiefbesluit and the Archiefregeling does not apply. That is important to notice because these laws state.

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The actual security levels of data storage and processing in the EU would be maintained or even improved compared to Option 2, because the same EU actions on security of data storage and processing would still be provided for under Sub-option 2a, only on a different legal basis, making use of other cyber security initiatives and the NIS Directive.

The option of revising existing EU sectorial legislation e. To a varying degree, Member States have put in place so-called ‘data localisation restrictions’.

As Option 0 neither includes clear EU-level guidance on the abatement of data localisation restrictions, nor provides guidelines or archiefregelong for Member States authorities to ensure availability of data processed in another Member State, there is no reason to conclude that these frequently defined by sector localisation restrictions would be mitigated by Option 0.

Impacts on business users of data storage and processing services. It will be synergetic with the planned initiatives on the EU ICT security certification framework, online platforms and digital innovation in health and care.

Furthermore, archiwfregeling concerns by Member States are largely unfounded. For the barriers to the movement of data, the cause is relatively simple – they spring from the forced storage or processing of certain types of data in electronic format within a geographical zone or IT environment 8.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

However, as a free flow of data principle would be still absent, cyber security service providers would still have to be engaged in costly processes of compliance research. The following impact analysis is based on the results of the public consultation, the structured dialogues with the Member States and other stakeholders, studies funded by the European Commission, several analytical tools developed archiedregeling the European Commission 63 and publicly available information.

One of the 3 pillars is “Connecting and sharing data and expertise to advance research, personalise health and care, and better anticipate epidemics”. For instance, a cloud service provider specialising in managing application processes for universities accumulates both personal and non-personal data from the universities using its service its customer and stores the data with a major cloud provider its subcontractor.

A forecast of the growth in the uptake of public cloud has been made in the study on Switching Cloud Providersusing a Mandatory Regulation Scenario Metadata Metadata, or information about the information, are an important aspect of recordsmanagement. Inefficiencies in the data centres sector.


Governments are likely to face an increase in requests for access to data aimed at other jurisdictions, resulting in increased administrative burden. Legal principle, notification, archiefdegeling, transparency, awareness raising.

Policy action on improving archiefregeping availability to Member State authorities for regulatory control purposes would increase cross-border data mobility because of raised levels of trust, both by market participants and by Member States authorities.

Archiefregelijg speed with which the market is embracing new technologies is a strong reason to remove immediately the remaining barriers to the movement archiefregelign data within the EU and thereby ensuring effective and efficient functioning of data storage and processing, which is at the fundament of any data economy. Principles-based legislative initiative and cooperation framework to archiefregellng trustworthy free flow of data across borders and facilitate switching and porting data between providers and IT systems.

It is crucial for these services to be delivered in a timely and agile manner. Based on the evidence gathered, from the archiefregelijg service cloud user perspective, different degrees of impacts caused by obstacles to switching and porting data can be envisaged. The suboptimal cloud adoption predominantly results from a lack of trust because of data security archiedregeling.

The initiative will take into account Article 20 of the GDPR, which gives the right to the data subject to receive the personal data concerning him or her from a data controller and the right to transmit those data to another controller.

Option 0 implies that when making business decisions about data storage or processing activities notably, their location cloud service providers have to take into account archieefregeling localisation restrictions as opposed to a market-driven approach. It could be argued that Option 0 would protect small cloud service providers operating in Member States with data localisation restrictions from foreign competition.

Although it is currently impossible to obtain a macro-economic estimate of what this option would entail at European level in terms of costs’ savings, it is possible to get some insights at the micro-level thanks to a study by Kolb, Lenhard and Wirtz who carried out and evaluated the migration process for a real-world application among seven cloud platforms.

2.f. Appendix F. Public records Act. – Research Data Wiki – Collaboration Infrastructure Wiki

Secondly they would be able to adopt innovative approaches to the use of energy in data centres, e. The impacts would be similar to those under the baseline option. As there would be no significant action to improve data availability for regulatory control by Member State authorities envisaged by this option, no change in cross-border data archifregeling can be expected and consequently, no positive ardhiefregeling impacts.


Option 2 includes the establishment of a archiefregelinf principle of free flow of data within the EU as described in section 5 and in the context described in section 2. Option 2 foresees in the development of a specific cloud service providers’ certification scheme.

This legal patchwork complicates rather than simplifies the matter and does not provide for the robust foundation needed for the emergence of an all-encompassing principle.

For the full problem analysis, comprehensive explanations, examples and extensive references to evidence, the reader is referred to Annex 5. Businesses and public sector entities processing personal data arcniefregeling comply with these rules.

EUR-Lex – SC – EN – EUR-Lex

The initiative also addresses the issue of porting data from one IT environment to another, to the extent that it constitutes a barrier to the movement of data within the EU and the ability to archiefreggeling cloud service providers or move data back in-house. That would amount to around million euro per year. Its social impact is likely to be negligible due to i the option’s non-binding nature and ii the absence of a strong link between setting up data storage and processing infrastructures and employment in general.

The DSM strategy set very clear expectations for presentation in on an initiative‚Ķ “. The same report acknowledges that the impact of these price adjustments would not lead to a large-scale outsourcing of data hosting and processing services to other EU Member States. Moreover, this option does archiefregelin provide an avenue for problem resolution regarding data localisation not covered archjefregeling the existing mechanisms.

As for the social impacts of this option, the assessment is the same as for the preceding options. They state ” In our view an early legislative proposal providing for the free archiefrgeling of data is crucial to avoid market fragmentation and further obstacles to the development of the data economy in the EU “.

Compared with Option 0, Option 1 does not comprise any significant change in the approach on the intervention area of data availability. As a result, X bank had to maintain redundant IT operations in country Y. Archiefregelinb reference to section 6. In addition, option 1 is likely archiiefregeling have only limited impacts on the downstream sector.

Making use of the Better Regulation toolbox 23the Commission services conducted an extensive analysis of the core problem and its drivers.