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AR Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Defense and Chemical Warfare Training. 14 October AR Regulations for Firing Guided Missiles. 69C 6 03 ASSOC MEN’ S W to AR RE IAI LERS OF NY LU 1 * 56 21 3 2 1 03 BLURS ASSN C F KANSAS C I TY DIST T. 6, 42 50 3. start on Sas ELE v Hour o of G syn MET TR wn ND are roor-tre R Nar-te. 39R w INF IELD asr 1 37 10 01 42–44 1 || 42–45 r 35 or 05

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AR 350-42 Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Defense and Chemical Warfare Training

The platoon must enter an area known to be or suspected of being contaminated by a chemical or biological agent. A shady area is used because light causes contraction of the pupils, which could be interpreted as a 350–42 symptom.

Soldiers must know exactly what to do and how to do it without hesitation. The IM or DT dosimeters are the instruments used to measure total dose radiation received by soldiers.

Platoons will return to periodic monitoring when ordered by higher or when the radiacmeter reading falls below 1 cGy per hour. Assume MOPP level 2, 3, or 4 depending on the situation. The MOPP level directed by the unit commander specifies what equipment to wear and what precautionary measures to use.

The mask-only command may be given if no liquid hazard or mustard agent vapor is present.


Alarm for Nuclear Hazard. They should all remain alert for the appearance of any chemical symptoms.

AR 350-41 Training in Units

The following other wikis use this file: Check radios for proper operations and reestablish communications if 350-24. From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. This image or other media file is in the public domain because its copyright has expired and its author is anonymous.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. A dose rate of 1 centigray cGy per hour is recorded during periodic monitoring. Retrieved from ” https: The Bulgarian Archives State Agency provides images, which are public domain.

File:BASA-3Kjpg – Wikimedia Commons

There is also a mask-only category of MOPP. Chemical agents are used to cause casualties, degrade performance, slow maneuver, restrict terrain, and disrupt support.

Ensure decontamination equipment is accessible. Centigray cGy is a unit of absorbed dose of radiation formerly called a rad.

The senior person present follows these procedures: An NBC-3 nuclear report is received from higher headquarters. An attack can occur without warning. These levels apply in all cases to the soldiers inside or outside vehicles. A feeling of choking or tightness in the chest or throat.

Once chemical agents have been employed or while the threat of enemy chemical attack exists, ra unit commander decides whether to keep all or only some of the soldiers masked and in chemical-protective clothing. The following actions should be taken automatically and without order right after the shock wave from a nuclear detonation passes. This signal is first given by the company commander or a platoon leader and qr repeated by each soldier when he hears it. This takes about 15 minutes.


Views and photos of the Sahara desert and other regions in Africa.

Army Publishing Directorate

Their lives depend on it. One or two soldiers are selected to hold deep breaths, break the seals of their masks, and keep their eyes wide open for 15 seconds.

If there is no evidence of agents, one or two soldiers unmask for 5 minutes, then remask. SOPs may require more frequent readings and detailed information when monitoring.

If a platoon learns that it is subject to an imminent chemical attack or downwind vapor hazard, each soldier should take the following precautionary measures:.

Nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons cause casualties, destroy or disable equipment, restrict the use of terrain, and disrupt operations. Be prepared to move from the location on order. It is given 350-442 leaders company commander or platoon leader after prescribed unmasking procedures have been completed.