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: APOLOGIA DE RAIMUNDO SABUNDE: , Madrid, Editorial Sarpe, Direccion del Proyecto: R. B. A., Editoriales, Coleccion Los Grandes. Results 1 – 22 of 22 Apología de Raimundo Sabunde. by Montaigne, Michel De. and a great selection of similar Used, New and Collectible Books available now. Apología de Raimundo Sabunde by Michel de Montaigne at – ISBN – ISBN – Sarpe. – – Hardcover.

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Let him shew us his letters of privilege for so noble and so great a charge. We are placed in the countrie where it was in use; where we regard her antiquity, or the authority of those who have maintained her; where we fears the menaces wherewith she threatneth all misbeleevers, or follow her promises. Can all this he conceived without reason?

Apología de Raimundo Sabunde – Michel de Montaigne – Google Books

This great and heavenly wisdom? And that it is a kinde of debating reason and consequence drawen from naturall sense?

Shall raimumdo imagine their so orderly disposing of their actions, and managing of their vocations, have so proportioned apo,oga formall a conduct without discourse, reason, and forecast? Touching gratitude and thankfulnesse for me thinks we have need to further rakmundo word greatlythis onely example shall suffice, of which Appion reporteth to have been a spectator himself.

Arrius protesteth to have seene an Elephant who on every thigh had a cimball hanging and one fastned to his truncke, at the sound of which all other Elephants danced in a round, now rising aloft, then lowting full low at certaine cadences, even as the instrument directed them, and was much delighted with the harmony. Whereat the people raising a loud crie, and by their shouting and clapping; of hands seeming ve be much pleased, the Emperour willed the slave to be brought before him, as desirous to understand of him the cause of so strange and seld-seene an accident, who related this new and wonderfull storie unto him.

Heaven, earth, the elements, our bodies, our soule, yea all things else, conspire and agree unto it: Which to prove, the elephant doth whet and sharpen his teeth. We entertaine one another with mutuall apish trickes.

Raymond of Sabunde

Raymond declares apoloa the book of Nature and the Bible are both Divine revelations, the one general and immediate, the other specific and mediate.

Of all former predictions, the ancientest and most certaine were such as were drawen from the flight of birds; we have nothing equall unto it, nor so admirable. Wherefore doe we attribute the workes which excell whatever we can performe, either by nature or by art, unto a kinde of unknowne, naturall, and servile inclination?

Paul, ‘doe evidently appeare by the creation of raumundo world, judgeing of his eternall Wisdome and Divinity by his workes.

They had charge given them, not onely of one simple moving, but of many and severall parts in the combat. But to returne to our purpose: Aristotle to that purpose alleageth the divers calles or purres of partriges, according to the situation of their place of breeding. Would they shroud and shelter themselves from stormy weather, and build their cabbins towards the East, unlesse they knew the different conditions of winds, and considered that some are more healthfull and safe for them than some others?


As for armes and weapons, we have more that be naturall unto us than the greatest part of other beasts. In Peru, the greatest eares are ever esteemed the fairest, which with all art and industrie they are continually stretching out; and a man who yet liveth sweareth to have seen in a Province of the East Indias the people so carefull to make them great, and so to load them with heavie jewels, that with ease he could have thrust his arme through one of their eare-holes.

Such as most resemble man are the vilest and filthiest of all the rout: A multis animalibus decore vincimur: Horses, dogges, oxen, sheepe, birds, and the greater number of sensitive creatures that live amongst us, know our voyce, and by it suffer themselves to be directed.

I will not omit to alleage another example of a Dogge, which Plutarke also saith to have seen as for any order or method I know very well I do but confound it, which I observe no more in ranging these examples than I doe in all the rest of my businesswho being in a ship, noted that his Dogge was in great perplexity how to get some Oyle out of a deepe Pitcher, which by reason of its narrow mouth he could ve reach with his tongue, got sabunfe presently some Pibble stones, and put so many into the jarre that he made the Oyle come up so neare the brimme as he could easily reach and licke some.

Every one must not have the knowledge of his dutie referred to his owne judgement, but ought rather to have it prescribed unto him, and not be allowed to chose it at his pleasure and free will: Retrieved from ” https: But the tale of the piot is very strange, which Plutarke confidently witnesseth to have seene: The errour of Paganisme and the ignorance of our sacred truth, was the cause of this great soules-fall: If some beasts excell us ssabunde this advantage, we exceed many others: Another having a keeper, who to encrease the measure of his provender was wont to mingle stones with it, came one day to the pot which with meat in it for his keepers dinner was seething over the fire, and filled it up with ashes.

sxbunde Even as the vertuous actions of Socrates and Cato are but frivolous and unprofitable because they had not their end, and regarded not the love and obedience of the true creator of all things, and namely, because they were ignorant of the true knowledge of God: Whereas, in other creatures there is nothing but we love and pleaseth our senses: Even as the preheminence in beauties which Plato ascribeth unto the Sphericall figure, the Epicureans refer the same unto the Piramidall or Square; and say they cannot swallow a God made round like a bowle.

An Elephants keeper in a private house of Syria was wont every meale to steele away halfe of the allowance which was allotted him; it fortuned on a day his raimundk would needs feed him himselfe, and having poured that just measure of barley which for his allowance he had prescribed for him, into his manger, the elephant, sternely eying his master, with his truncke divided the provender in two equal parts, and laid the one aside, by which he declared the wrong his keeper did him.


For we understand them no more than they us. Lustfull desires are either naturall and necessary as eating and drinking; or else naturall and not necessary, as the acquaintance of males and females; or else neither necessary nor naturall: There is such a like societie betweene the little bird called a Wren and the Crocodill; for the Wren serveth as a sentinell to so great a monster: The Portugals not long since beleagring the City of Tamly, in the territory of Xiatine, the inhabitants thereof brought great store of hives whereof they have plentie upon their walls; and with fire drove them so forcible upon their enemies, who, as unable to abide their assaults and endure their stingings, left their enterprize.

By which we may judge and conclude that elephants have some apprehension of religion, forsomuch as after diverse washings and purifications, they are seene to lift up their truncke as we doe our savunde, and at certaine houres of the day, without any instruction, of their owne accord, holding their eyes fixed towards the sunne-rising, fall into a long meditating contemplation; yet, because we see no such appearance in other beasts, may wee rightly conclude that they apollga altogether void of religion, and may not take that ill payment which is hidden from us.

Moreover, that part of natures favours which we impart unto beasts, is by our owne confession much more advantageous unto them.

The Essays of Montaigne/Book II/Chapter XII

And in that prety cunning contexture and admirable framing of their houses, would birds rather fit themselves with a round than a riamundo figure, with an obtuse than a right angle, except they knew both the commodities and effects of them? As for husbandry, they exceed us, not onely in fore-sight to spare and gather together for times to come, but have also many parts of the skill belonging thereunto. Cranes with their bils to minister glisters of sea-water unto themselves; the Elephants to pull out, not only from themselves and their fellowes, but also from their masters witnesse that of King Porus, whom Alexander defeated such javelins or darts as in fight have beene hurled or shot at them, so nimbly and so cunningly as ourselves could never do it so easily and with so little paine: It were a manifest wronging of God’s goodnesse if all this universe did not consent and sympathise with our beleefe.

I finde the Camels dd the Estridges necke much more raised and upright than ours.

And what is that but the effect of a very subtill spirit? Each one hath learnt either better or worse, according to his capacity. Some of his arguments are weake and simple to verifie sabhnde he would, and undertake to front him easily.