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Heliogabalo O El Anarquista Coronado (Spanish Edition) [Antonin Artaud] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Elagabalus also known as Heliogabalus was Roman emperor from to A member of .. Antonin Artaud Heliogabalus (–11), by Anselm Kiefer The Spanish word heliogábalo means “a person overwhelmed by gluttony”. Buy Heliogabalo O El Anarquista Coronado by Antonin Artaud (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on.

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Antoine Marie Joseph Artaud, better known as Antonin Artaud, was a French playwright, poet, essayist, actor, and theatre director. Reissued as The Crimes of Elagabalus: Following his assassination, many associates of Elagabalus were killed or deposed, including his lover Hierocles.

Elagabalus – Wikipedia

The Cult of Sol Invictus. Artaud, especially, expressed disdain for Western theatre of the day, panning the ordered plot and scripted language his contemporaries typically employed to convey ideas, and he recorded his ideas in such works as Le Theatre de la cruaute and The Theatre and Its Double.

Macrinus now sent letters to the Senate denouncing Hrliogabalo as the False Antoninus and claiming he was insane. His Heliogabalus is a tale about a madman told by another madman, the fantastic ejaculation of a poetical mind. The assassination plot against Elagabalus was devised by his grandmother, Julia Maesa, and carried out by disaffected members of the Praetorian Guard.

Herodian commented that Elagabalus enhanced his natural good looks by the regular application of cosmetics. Another contemporary of Elagabalus’ was Herodiana heliogabwlo Roman civil servant who lived from c. Elagabalus was supposedly “married” as many as five times, lavishing favours on male courtiers popularly thought to have been his lovers, [3] [4] and was reported to have prostituted himself in the imperial palace.


Heliogabalus; or, the Crowned Anarchist by Antonin Artaud. Memoirs of the American Academy in Rome.

Published October 26th by Solar Books first published In his early youth he served the god Elagabalus as a priest araud Emesathe hometown of his mother’s family. He’s not so much interested in direct transmission of events as he is in relating the events to his general ideas, particularly in envisioning Heliogabalus as an anarchist intent on destroying the Roman Empire from within. The source of many of these stories of Elagabalus’s depravity is the Augustan History Historia Augustawhich includes controversial claims.

The most notable of these works include: The contemporary historian Cassius Dio suggests that Gannys was in fact killed by the new emperor because he pressured Elagabalus to live “temperately and prudently”.

Reflecting its author’s preoccupations with the occult, magic, Satan, and a range of esoteric religions, this account of Heliogabalus’ reign invents incidents in the Emperor’s life in order to make the print of the author’s own passionate denunciations of modern existence.

If you go into this book unfamiliar with Artaud’s work, you might find some bits difficult. However, this force soon joined the faction of Elagabalus when, during the battle, they turned on their own commanders. It’s not a perfect book, and some of it is both boring and deeply slow going, but the end is worth it.


Born into a patrician family, he spent the greater part of his life in public service. It’s here that Artaud prefigures Deleuze aartaud his talk of levels, the reality of principles, Love, the Will, religion, numerology, etc.

Severus Alexander held him in high esteem and made him his consul again. Amidst growing opposition, Elagabalus, just 18 years old, was assassinated and replaced by his cousin Severus Alexander on 11 Artaydwho ruled for 13 years before his own assassination, which marked the epoch event for the Crisis of the Third Century.


He referred to this layout as being like a ‘vortex’ – a constantly shifting shape – ‘to be trapped and powerless’. The Amazing Emperor Heliogabaluswith an introduction by J.

Always the idea of performance as ritual, of symbols drawn into the material realm, thereby transforming it into something truer and purer transmutation, if you will.

Heliogabalus; or, the Crowned Anarchist

The master of antonln Roman world affected to copy the manners and dress of the female sex, preferring the distaff to the sceptre, and dishonored the principal dignities of the empire by distributing them among his numerous lovers; one of whom was publicly invested with the title and authority of the emperor’s, or, as he more properly styled himself, the empress’s husband. History and Archaeology of Classical Antiquity, Artaud wanted to put the audience in the artakd of the ‘spectacle’ his term for the playso they would be ‘engulfed and physically affected by it’.

His life and character have informed or at least inspired many famous works of art, by Decadents, even by contemporary artists.

The Emperor complied and artaudd 11 March he publicly presented his cousin along with his own mother, Julia Soaemias.