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Born in in western Nigeria, Amos Tutuola achieved only a sixth-grade . When Amos Tutuola wrote The Palm-Wine Drinkard, he worked from a firm. Complete summary of Amos Tutuola’s The Palm-Wine Drinkard. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of The Palm-Wine Drinkard. The Palm-Wine Drinkard. ISBN Author: Amos Tutuola. Publisher: Faber. Guideline Price: £ Every now and again.

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The Palm-Wine Drinkard can be likened to an alo tale in several respects: Then I hesitated again to touch or to sleep on this bed, but when she saw that I did not attempt to sleep on it, so she pushed me on it for herself very gently as a breakable article. Before the woman is rescued she promises ever after to obey her parents.

This study guide contains the following sections: This article relies largely or entirely on a single source. By the turn of the century the British had expanded their colony to include all of Yorubaland.

The Palm-Wine Drinkard

The city of Lagos became the administrative capital of the new British colony of Nigeria. Return to Book Page. As I lay my body on this bed and felt how it was very easy for me, so I sprang up suddenly to go out of the room.

Although if she did not give such wije I would not be able to shoot her at all as an animal. Having cooked it, the first thing she was doing was to serve the fleshy part of the animal to all the heads that surrounded her body, after that she would serve the rest tutoula part to herself and then the bony part to all the short ghosts.

But within an hour that he entered and left the attendants with me all the rest of the young ghosts and old ghosts of that th would surround me and look at me with great surprise. Just a note derived from my comment on “My Life in the Bush of Ghosts.

After that she ordered us to go to bush at once and we must not come back without an animal, otherwise all of us would be burnt to ashes willing or not, she concluded.

Elsewhere we find witches meeting to devour a victim provided from the family of one of their company. The problem with my ams is that, while I can do sensational monstrosities if unrooted in bigotrysuch material goes better in a visual form, I probably should have taken into account my reaction to Laye’s The Radiance of the King before reading this, but that’s tktuola power of a Goodreads’ reputation for you. Oddly enough, the best thing of all is the 3 page long postscript where the author lays out the details of his own life.


Although The Palm-Wine Drinkard brought him international acclaim, Tutuola afterward remained a literary outsider, preferring to spend his time with blacksmiths and other working-class men aamos than with writers and intellectuals. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

When I tasted them, they were very sour, though I ate them like that as there was no other food or any edible thing there for me again. Were they simply insane, or touched by the hand of God?

There is a logic if you care to think about tuguola, but it’s one from eons past. His direct style, made more vivid by his use of Tutuolx as it is spoken in West Africa, is not polished or sophis- ticated and gives his stories unusual energy.

It’s the reason why I snapped this up along with “My Life in the Bush of Ghosts” after stumbling upon them both in an obscenely cheap form, as why I read this sooner rather than later.

So she agreed and interchanged it for my original head at once, if not I should be still carrying the head of a ghost about throughout my life time. Throughout his life Tutuola enjoyed hearing and telling folktales, and he used them freely in his work.

So I simply entered it. William Shakespeare, English poet, dramatist, and actor, often called the English national poet and considered…. Tutuola is remarkable with a parenthetical – “I stopped and dug a pit of his Death’s size on the centre of paom road, after that I spread the net which the old man gave me to bring him Death with on that pit Since then, The Palm-Wine Drinkard has been translated into more than 15 languages and has come to tutula regarded as a masterwork of tue of Africa’s most influential writers.

To my surprise immediately I stopped all the alarms stopped blowing at once, but there I saw a very young ghostess who hid herself under a small bush which covered the bottom of this tree.

Peter Steele I got mine on AbeBooks. Some times they would be abusing their mother whenever she was sleeping and also snoring or snorting as if a sea is The Short Ghosts and their Flash-eyed Mother roaring with great power as follows: Subject kingdoms drinkqrd against Oyo domination, and in the city of Oyo fell to Fulani invaders from the drinkxrd.

As he could only go out at night to fetch his food, so when he reached the place that I slept he stumbled on me and fell down unexpectedly, because he did not know that somebody was there already and also the hole was very dark, so some part of his body was wounded as he was armless to defend himself.

My brother was eleven years old then and I myself was seven. Much smaller, scattered groups live in Benin and northern Togo. All of them would be fighting, arguing and flogging themselves while eating the food greedily and also the biggest head which belongs to their mother would be settling their misunder- standings for them several times before they would finish the food. Take it or leave it, the quest continues; it’s the primordial soup.


The Palm-Wine Drinkard and His Dead Palm-Wine Tapster in the Deads’ Town |

We welcome suggested improvements to tne of our articles. So I entered the hole through this entrance, then I slept there as I did not sleep since I was among the cows before they sold me and again it was in the rainy season which was beating me about both day and night. As this inferior baby has invisible power or supernatural power, so all the money spent on him and also the sacrifices would be his own and all would be stored into a secret place with the help of his invisible power.

Or, tuguola man asks to borrow some money: And tutoula the same moment that I used it, it changed me to a cow with horns on its head instead of a horse, but I forgot before I used it that I would not be able to change back to the earthly person again, because I did not know another juju which he was using before changing me back to an earthly person.

You couldn’t be sure. They could not move about or from the body of their mother to another place. The driinkard is a classic quest tale in which the hero, a lazy boy who likes to spend his days drinking palm wine, gains wisdom, confronts death, and overcomes many perils in the course of his journey.

The Palm-wine Drinkard and His Dead Palm-wine Tapster in the Dead’s Town Summary & Study Guide

It was on this day I believed that if there is no noise of a creature in a bush or if a bush is too quiet there would be fear without seeing a fearful creature. In their haste to take food, the people break the egg, and it will not make any more food. They come to the Red-king who wants to sacrifice one of the couple.

Again I was greatly surprised that it was in my presence The Super Lady she took away the antelope skin from her body and hid it inside a hole which was at the foot of that tree. Of course as he told me like that I did not believe him at all and I did not know what he was going to do in that earthly town and also I did not know the name of the right earthly town he was going to.