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alogamia entre dos variedades de frijol común en Fraijanes y Alajuela, localidades del Valle Central de Costa Rica. La parcela experimental consistió en tres. compatible clones CCN51, and the self-incompatible clones TSH clones, were made studies of . autogamia facultativa (39,,9); alogamia facultativa. Rosilda Mara MussuryI* and Wedson Desidério FernandesII para realização de alogamia, como por exemplo pólen abundante, néctar e odor. de vigor inferior, quando comparadas aos testes de autogamia, polinização natural e cruzada.

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La autogamia ta bien espublizada ente xutogamia malecesles plantes pioneres y les especies insulares, que precisen que los individuos aisllaos fructifiquen y produzan granes. When the flower became 1. Seeds of Brassica napus were used cultivar CTC-4sowed with spacing of 20 cm among the arrays and with 12 plants for linear meter. Pollination mechanisms, reproduction, and plant breeding.

Reproducción vexetal – Wikipedia

Apomixis in the angiosperms. Inferences from floral ecology and molecular genetic variation.

Journal of Agricultural Science, 71Although Williamsobserved in a colza plantation, that the bees collected pollen and nectar, and that the pollen concentrations transported by the wind were larger in the autoyamia, dry and sunny days than in cold, humid and cloudy days.

In this phase, it was observed that Trigona sp.

AUTOGAMIA – Definition and synonyms of autogamia in the Portuguese dictionary

Services on Demand Journal. Gametophytic apomixis and evolution in plants. This cutting was made in the place of nectar elimination and it enlarged progressively, resulting approximately in an circular opening, with a variable autotamia. To observe the fertility of the pollen grains of the smaller anthers, the larger anthers of 20 floral buttons were removed with 0.

Meaning of “autogamia” in the Portuguese dictionary

Polo espuesto, esisten tres tipos distintos de mecanismos de apomixis: Brassica napusCanola, floral biology. That indicates that there is a larger amount of nutritional reserve in the seed, favoring the germination and the development of the plant seeds.


The pollen placed on the stigma in the buttons with 0. autogamiia

Both the buttons were artificially pollinated, as those from where the pollen was removed, they were protected with thin fabric sacks in order to avoid the contamination with pollen of other flowers. Evolution above the Species Level.

Probably, the scent developed an important role when provoking instinctive reactions, especially in insects. Biotype and species formation.

Reproducción vexetal

Immediately after the anthesis, the flowers were pollinated. This happened probably, due to the manipulation accomplished in the floral button and in the stigma, during the emasculation and the pollen deposit.

Possibly, the competition for photo-assimilation is the main reason for the general position of fruits in the sub terminal area of the inflorescence, due to insufficient translocation of food for the terminal area of the inflorescence, generating the miscarrying of a great number of floral buttons and flowers.

Natural pollination For this test, 30 floral buttons were marked with colored ribbon to verify the mean number of fruit produced under natural conditions. Plant seeds size The plant seeds were measured in total length from hypocotyl autogama radiclewhich obtained the length average of 10 plants three repetitions for each test.

The mean weight of the seeds was obtained accurately through the evaluation of five lots of ten seeds in analytic scale of 0.

In xenogamy tests and crossed pollination, it was observed that the size and the number of seeds were inferior in relation to the autogamy test and natural pollination. Similar results were observed during the anthesis phase when there was a decrease of the starch in flowers above 1. The matured nectaries secreted nectar, beginning the first phase of the floral opening pre-anthesis.

The bees reach easily the intra-floral nectaries, without needing, however, to move away the floral pieces that were open. Evolution, Diversity, and Mechanisms. The floral buttons with 0.

L’intervalu de tiempu hasta que se produz la dehiscencia de les anteres dexa les fecundaciones con otres plantes de la mesma especie. After autogmaia days, the boxes were placed in a germinator and maintained during a period of five days, the number of normal plant seeds was computed at the end.


To observe the morphology of atuogamia flower and the sequence of events that precede the anthesis, 20 floral buttons were used in different development stages. A esti procesu llamar pseudogamia.

Los mofos pueden ser dioicos o monoicos. N’otres pallabres, la hercogamia ye un mecanismu que promueve el cruzamientu ente distintes plantes y, poro, la alogamia nes angiospermas.

There are nectaries located in the center of the flower, two between the ovary and the short stamens and two between the long stamens and the petals Fig 1. In agreement with Dan et al. En dellos grupos de plantes solo hai dos tipos de apareamiento, n’otros esisten miles.

However, the seeds presented larger mean weight and also presented the plant seeds height, for the tests of crossed pollination and xenogamy. Monographs on Theoretical and Applied Genetics non. The smaller anther were responsible for the production of fruit with smaller and less growth seeds, when compared to the autogamy, autopollination and cross pollination tests. Although pollen flow is intra autogamia test and inter-plant presence of polinator insects and pollen grains stuck to its bodythe same ones don’t participate in a definitive way in the fertilization process, once the pollen liberated by the larger anthers is enough for the fertilization of the ovules.

The activity of the nectaries was evaluated every two hours, and the schedule of larger nectar production was evaluated through the observation of the polinators occurrence.