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Pharmaceutical Calculations. Lab Alligation Medial and Alligation Alternate. Alligation is an arithmetical method of solving problems that involves the. Alligation is one of the simple and illustrative methods in pharmaceutical calculations for the pharmacy technicians. Dilution is a simple method. The pharmacy has in stock 3% coal tar ointment and coal tar. Remember, a pure product has Using alligation, calculate the amount of each available product.

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Questions to follow up in this case include the following: When 8 liters are drawn out, the volume of wine is reduced by 8 X liters while the total volume of liquid remains unchanged as it is re-filled with water.

Pharmacy Calculations Tutorial

Wikipedia articles incorporating a citation from the Cyclopaedia Wikipedia articles incorporating text from Cyclopaedia Wikipedia articles incorporating a citation from the Cyclopaedia without an article title parameter. Sign in via OpenAthens. An error in a calculation by a pharmady could easily be the difference between life and death. Interpret a prescription or medication order.

Alligation Math / Tic-Tac-Toe Math / Basic Pharmacy Math

Here we can clearly observe that all concentration terms are not expressed equal. Here you can publish your research papers, essays, allegtion, stories, poetries, biographies, notes, reviews, advises and allied information with a single vision to liberate knowledge. In order for this chapter to be brief, basic math is not reviewed. This is an example of a wllegation that involves repeated dilutions of a given solution.

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Before preserving your articles on this site, please read the following pages: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This is an example of alligation medial because you want to find caldulations amount of sugar in the mixture given the amounts of sugar in its ingredients. Clorox bleach standard 5.


Retrieved from ” https: Calculate an appropriate dose. This article incorporates text from a publication now in the public domain: You are expected to be able to perform basic arithmetic addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication and to do so not only with whole numbers or integers but with fractions as well.

Alligation is one of the simple and illustrative methods in pharmaceutical calculations for the pharmacy technicians. Upon completion of the chapter and exercises, the student pharmacist will be able to. It gives the weighed average percentage strength of a allegatiin resulting from components of known quantities and concentration.

Two further variations on Alligation occur: Use daily for wound cleansing and dressing on right leg. James and John Knapton, et al. These video tutorials are designed for student pharmacists, pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, nursing students, nurses and other healthcare professionals. Here you would find a bespoke pharmacy calculations tutorial for almost every pharmacy calculations topic you would need to learn. Each pharmacy calculations tutorial demonstrates key allgeation in analyzing and understanding the question, developing the most effective and efficient approach to solving the question, solving the question and reflecting on the question and solution.

Views Phramacy Edit View history. You can use any pharmacy calculations tutorial to study concepts for the first time or mwthod them as part of your review program for a pending assessment.

Alligation calculator- (Solutions and topicals) Compounding – GlobalRPH

How many milliliters of Clorox would be needed to make a gallon of this irrigation? This operation is performed three more times. This video demonstrates key steps in performing calculations using the aliquot method and provides pertinent examples.

Join with us Get the meethod updates and posts Follow us at. As you progress further into your pharmacy education and your career, you will become more comfortable with estimating what these answers should be in a given situation and for a given patient, such that you can identify an unreasonable solution relatively easily.


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This video demonstrates key steps in performing milliequivalent calculations and provides pertinent examples. There are a multitude of reliable resources for such material. Every pharmacy calculations tutorial also includes appropriate solved examples to clarify key concepts. Anything quite different from your approximation should cause you to reexamine your work.

It calcuulations often more practical to dilute a known strength preparation than it would be to compound an entire preparation. Convert between the metric and common systems allegation measurement. How many grams of 1.

Signs of infection are present and the decision has been pharmcy to irrigate the wound daily with modified Dakin’s diluted sodium hypochlorite solution and use it on the wound dressing. The term alligation has its origin in Latin, alligatio which means the art of attaching and therefore refers to lines drawn during calculation to bind quantities together. Please enter Password Forgot Username? They are as follows:. Metbod do you need to go to in the pharmacy to see calculxtions this order is correctly processed?

Use this site remotely Bookmark your favorite content Track your self-assessment progress and more! View All Subscription Options. Proof of Alligation Method Suppose a product of X percentage strength is to be prepared by mixing constituents of percentage Y Higher and Z lower. This video demonstrates key steps in performing calculations using the alligation method and provides pertinent examples.

The technique is not used in schools although it is used still in pharmacies for quick calculation of quantities.