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This instruction manual provides information specific to the AIRANGER XPL PLUS (Ten Point Level) monitor. When references are made to other Milltronics. AiRanger XPL Plus. * Program range is defined as the empty distance to the face of the transducer (P) plus any range extension (P). **EMC performance. AiRanger XPL Plus. Ten-Point Ultrasonic Level Measurement System. Part 1. General. Scope. A. This section describes the requirements for an ultrasonic.

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P 4 mA TRIM Use this feature in combination with 20 mA Xpll if the device connected to the mA output displayed is out of calibration, yet device recalibration is impractical. If the transducer s are exposed to direct sunlight, TS-3 temperature sensor s should be used. Reading Parameters p To P If the Reading is currently displayed in feet, to display in yards, enter 3.

For superior air temperature compensation, a TIB-9 card may be used with individual Milltronics TS-3 temperature sensors for each vessel.

Don’t have an account? On successful test completion, “PASS” is displayed.

Siemens SITRANS LU10 Ten-Point Ultrasonic Level Transmitter (Milltronics AiRanger XPL Plus)

P Span Enter “60” for max material level equals 60 ft. If the mA output is still to be scaled to “space” distance from material to Full in feet set the mA Function P to “2”. This feature is preset to Watch list is full. When a Parameter Number is accessed, if the preset Parameter Value displayed is acceptable, no entry is required. If the vessel to be monitored does not match any of the 8 preset Tank Shape calculations, a Universal Volume calculation may be used.


Also, adjust the Short Shot Bias to increase or decrease the amount of preference given to short shot echoes over long shot echoes. Enter the actual value. Enter text from picture: This feature is automatically altered when Transducer P is altered. If the peak value jumps wildly, verify the transducer cables are run in grounded metal conduit; Follow proper grounding procedures. Page Extend Near Blanking P to a distance from the transducer face to just beyond the distance represented by the Reading.

Milltronics AiRanger XPL Plus Instruction Manual

Transducer sound beam is free from obstruction. Table Of Contents Table of Contents Select airanfer and long” to have short and long acoustic shots fired each time a vessel is scanned. Enter the vessel volume between Empty P and Span P To return an operator adjusted Parameter Value to the preset value, with the appropriate Point Number and Parameter Number displayed Siemens Milltronics Process Instruments Inc.

Extend Near Blanking P to a distance from the transducer face to just beyond the auranger represented by the Reading.

Use TS-3 temperature sensors only.

This register increments by 1 each time a bus error Airangwr is reported. If the material monitored is a liquid, check for splashing in the vessel. Alternatively, to produce an immediate mA output at a specific value, enter the value required.

Milltronics airanger XPL plus Instruction Manual

If the material presents a flat surface perpendicular to the transducer beam, select liquid. Enhancement Parameters Scope Displays, P Page 89 When the reported level reaches Description Postage and payments. Page 68 The noise level is a combination of transient acoustic noise and electrical noise induced into the transducer cable or receiving circuitry itself.


The first test performed sets up the auto polarity function. If the peak value jumps wildly, verify the transducer cables are run in grounded metal conduit; By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. Page 18 A circuit breaker or switch in the building installation, marked as the disconnect switch, shall be in close proximity to the equipment and within easy reach of the operator.

Page 35 when process control equipment is used avoid entering a value so short as to cause nuisance activation. Level or Material Volume Measurement for a single vessel. A negative rate indicates the vessel is emptying. Generally, the more breakpoints entered, the greater the volume calculation accuracy.

Page 53 Alternatively, if the amount of Offset Correction required is known and performing an Offset Calibration is not desiredenter the amount to be added to the Reading before display.

Page Cable Transducer: Operation Point scanned independent from the Point Number display. Before using this feature, verify the: Enter the amount in ms of long shot Echo Profile smoothing required to eliminate jagged peaks in the Echo Profile.

Failsafe Operation indicates operating conditions are poor and the Reading may be incorrect. The Profile Pointer may be moved to a number of points on the Echo Profile, to gain specific information dependent upon the Profile Pointer Parameter used.