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Air Force Instruction , Communications and functional terms, in accordance with AFI and Air Force series supply. 12/1/ INFORMATION PROTECTION. Kb. AFI Kb. AFI 7/1/ Requirements Kb. AFMAN 5/1/ ENGINEERING AND. HQ USAF functional managers chair their own functional requirements boards ( AFI , Requirements Development and Processing). They prepare and.

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He is from the Afridi tribe of Pashtuns Computer System —A functional unit, consisting of one or more computers and associated software, that a uses common storage for all or part of a program 33-03 also for all or ati of the data necessary for the execution of the program; b executes user-written or user-designated programs; and c performs user-designated data manipulation, including arithmetic and logic operations.

A management process, applied throughout the adi of an automated information system AISthat bases all programmatic decisions on the anticipated mission-related and economic benefits derived over the life of the AIS. Ensures annual review of maintenance strategies and reports to verify organizations use the most cost-effective options. Installation and Relocation of Computer Systems.

Reviews their systems annually to determine if the systems still meet user requirements, need modification, or are obsolete.

Searches, when requested or needed, the reuse module in IPMS for available excess computer systems Air Force-wide to satisfy local requirements. Notifies the ECO of the relocation of the equipment. Conduct zfi joint physical inventory and reconcile any missing items before the departure of the present EC or as directed by the applicable ECO. Maintenance Policies and Reports. Custodians, supervisors, and others directly involved in equipment transfers must ensure custodial record listings are correct and property is accounted for.


– Side 33 af 101

Has the applicable ECO received certification that equipment custodians EC have completed their annual inventory? The complexity of computer systems requires systematic and efficient maintenance management. Installation of relocated computer systems and software is the responsibility of the using organization. This support may include spare parts or the proper readiness spares package inventory to support the new equipment. Documentation —The formal standardized recording of detailed objectives, policies, and procedures governing conception, authorization, design, testing, implementation, operation, maintenance, modification, and disposition of data administration techniques and applications.

Full text of “DTIC ADA Computer Systems Management”

General Ledger Subsidiary Account Effective Start Date for Rental. Closely monitor the acquisition process to ensure required support is in place before receipt of the equipment or systems. Pages in category “Korean War auxiliary ships of the United States” The following pages are in this category, out of total.

Standardized inventory record data entry. No records are created by this publication. ECs and their alternates are appointed by the organizational commander. Cannibalization for Spare Parts. Takes guidance and direction from the MECO.

Obtain approval and coordinate all potential transfers of computer systems between accounts with the applicable ECO.

Using organizations are responsible for the afu of policies and procedures to protect computer system resources under their control. Review all contract obligations especially maintenance with the giving and receiving organizations. Plans for and provides support during contingencies and deployments. To develop a computer system task: The generic term dealing with physical items as distinguished from its capability or function such as equipment, tools, implements, instruments, devices, sets, fittings, trimmings, assemblies, subassemblies, components, and parts.


Directs all ECs to conduct an annual physical inventory of assigned computer systems. Has the authority to sign for new 331-03 and may delegate that authority only to their ECs.

Responsibility for testing the equipment and identifying hardware or software problems lies with 33-130 using organization. Retains unserviceable excess computer systems for cannibalization as directed by the cso. Paragraph 3 has been deleted and all information pertaining to the responsibilities of the Air Force Communications and Information Center AFCIC have been incorporated into paragraph 1.

Contact the releasing activity to verify the qfi of the excess before requisitioning. Software maintenance includes anticipating, detecting, and eliminating errors. Has a memorandum of agreement MOA been established for addressing responsibilities for deployment and support for joint systems? Equipment Control Officer ECO — An Individual appointed by the applicable communications-infor- mation systems officer to manage and control computer systems resources for a base.

Budgets for maintenance of applicable host base computer systems. Make sure the labels are plain, white, and self-adhesive.

Notifies applicable maintenance contract office of primary responsibility OPR to remove from maintenance computer systems that become excess and are not required for reuse locally. The local equipment custodian will retain accountability for the computer until transferred to the new location. The CSO function uses the office symbol SC that is expanded to three and four digits to identify specific functional areas.