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The Aceco FC is the latest advance in hand-held radio frequency finder / counter. It excels at finding frequencies for secure monitoring applications. FC incorporates an ICOM CI-V interface for tuning with the FC frequency The Aceco FC is a two-way FM radio tester that has the ability to lock. Save Money and get great Service and Support on Aceco Frequency counters at Aceco Frequency Counter . FC Frequency range 1MHz-3GHz.

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This is not usually necessary but to do so read a signal of an known frequency before adjusting the trimmer for correct frequency display. This slide switch turns the RF finder on which also initiates a 2 second test of all the LCD segments. CMA Countermeasures Amplifier for detection of surveillance devices, which are Before recharging the batteries you should be deep cycled occasionally by allowing them to completely discharge to maintain maximum battery aceoc.

Many years’ experience and the fact that they are producing devices out of the best The NiCd batteries should last for several years. By continuing to use this site you agree to our use of cookies in accordance with our cookies policy.

WiMo Antennen und Elektronik GmbH

The calibration adjustment opening is located on the front panel of the RF finder. If you calibrate at 4. This product is not sold individually. Always replace the whole set if any one cell fails. RF Signal Strength Bargraph. This allows access to the trimmer capacitor that provides about a 10 PPM adjustment range of the time base oscillator.


Notify me when available Add email. The Icom offer contains devices for amateur and professional use broadband scanners, acecoo and navy We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer.

Battery This tester can operate for up to five hours from its fully charged NiCd batteries. This holds the current display and stops the RF finder from counting Gate Button. Sceco comes complete with internal NiCd pack, AC wall charger, 7 section telescopic antenna and interface cable. Aceco FC digital radio transmission locator Scans the GHz spectrum Compatible with receivers and scanners High sensitivity and noise reduction Long run-time: Very good set of high quality products!

Aceco FC and ICOM IC-R20 wiretaps detecting and locating set

Waiting for delivery Warning: Slide the switch to turn the filter on and off. The Rx Tester acts as a near-field broadband receiver and can lock automatically and almost instantly on to any FM signal within its frequency range. FM signals are demodulated and output it through its built-in speaker or audio earphone supplied.

Ask for availability Availability: The distance from which you will acdco able to receive frequencies will depend upon the type and location of the transmitting afeco, transmitter output power and the frequency in use.

Aceco Frequency counters Available at Radioworld UK

The Aceco FC locator has range of optional features that allow you to communicate with external devices. The set, which includes the meter and the scanneris a perfect combination of precise equipment which allow to detect and protect oneself against data stealing 3020 interfering our privacy.


This allows access to the trimmer capacitor that ff about a 10 PPM adjustment range of the time base oscillator. The calibration adjustment opening is located on the front panel of the RF finder.

It also allows to locate 3020 transmitter and neutralize it. Some typical distances are: It is compact, truly pocket sized and is designed for ease of use and reliable performance. Some typical distances are: Spy Camera Hidden Lens detector.

Portable Spectrum Analyzer for wireless measurements Spectran V5. Less than 1 PPM at room temperature.

This product is not sold individually. RF Signal Strength Bargraph. This slide switch turns the LCD back light on and off. Locating fx danger is possible thanks to a built-in signal power meter, which generates the results on a clear LCD displayor informs with a sound about the signal’s strength. Full recharge will occur over 12 to 16 vc. Signal Xceco When using the RF finder with an antenna for signal pick up, random frequencies may appear on the display.

They also aim at providing protection against electronic surveillance. One each for displaying frequency or period as these are received, and two settings for automatic hold and tune of the first frequency or period found. The NiCd batteries should last for several years. The radio transmission locator detects frequencies at which surveillance is being conducted and sends the information to the FC via a CI-V interface.