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Academy 7 [Anne Osterlund] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. With a past too terrible to speak of, and a bleak, lonely future ahead of her, . Academy 7 by Anne Osterlund – book cover, description, publication history. Hello Readers! After racing for our lives in the arena, crossing the Gate, riding the frontier, surviving the desert, and sailing into exile together, Aurelia, Robert.

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View all 4 comments. The plot is great as well, though the book is set far into the future, when humans inhabit faraway planets and skip from one to the next so acaemy, you can relate the political problems to todays world in a way that makes the reader almost uncomfortable.

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When these two people who don’t seem to appreciate their opportunity to be one of the select students of the greatest school in the universe meet, a spark between them ignites an unexplainable and passionate competition for the top rank in the class. The main characters, Dane and Aerin were complex intelligent characters, whose growth one accompanies throughout the book.

Don’t let the cover fool you this coming from a self-proclaimed Cover-Judgerit’s not what it appears to be. Everytime I look at a book page, it seems you’ve read it! If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then Anne Sometime in the unidentified future, a consortium of planets known as the Alliance runs the universe.

Only A Breath Apart. As the adventers of “Academy 7″‘s two main characters take place, a young love starts to form between them. There is of course, some romance, but it is very subtle in the way that you know it’s there but it is soft and develops slowly and doesn’t really fully develop until the last chapter or so. Jul 01, Gina Denny rated it really liked it Shelves: Unfortunately, the writing embraces Harlequin rather than Tor, so there is no redeeming quality to the book — at all.


Cooney author of Accademy Face I also appreciated the way the author depicted the development of the relationship between both main characters–strangers at the start of the novel, brought together by harrowing and life-threatening events. On the SF side, the world building is severely lacking. In Debate particularly, Dane trumps her.

Anne Osterlund (Author of Academy 7)

Breathe in and out. Academy 7 by Anne Osterlund Goodreads Author. Both Aerin and Dane change and grow academt the course of the story and witnessing their failures and triumphs is interesting.

Academy 7 osteround Anne Osterlund 2 19 Sep 01, Aerin and Dane quickly lead the pack among the students in terms of academics. They’re not ya stereotypical teenagers. You knew why they behaved the way they did. I already have Academy 7 and will definitely read it soon. It believably shows how the philosophical split between the brightest students in the ruling stellar government’s top academy resulted in revolution, and how their children, all unknowing, must live with the results.

It’s always exciting to watch authors from Oregon find success. We appreciate your feedback. Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater. Sounds like a fuzzy romance story? Anne quien tiene un gatito encima de la cabeza Marialys wrote: I would’ve loved this as a full blown school story!

I am not usually enthused by spaceships and interplanetary travel, but I found myself seriously enjoying Osterlund’s rendition of the future, and I thought it perfectly suited the characters. You feel as if you are really witnessing a real debate with all the facts and passion fused together. I was pretty surprise when I found out this is a sci-Fi novel. Shannon’s Reading Challenges 43 Dec 16, Ratings and Reviews 1 8 star ratings 1 reviews. If both make a good argument, then the less popular side wins because that side had further to go to prove its point.

I think that “Academy 7” was a nicely written book and the author did a nice job caputuring the readers! The plot concerning the council’s oaterlund got more emphasis in the plot though, and academyy resolved pretty quickly, leaving us with the typical romance ending. Hi Teresa, Aerin, Dane, and I osterlujd thrilled you enjoyed their story!


I loved Aurelia and Academy 7! Aerin excels at Academy 7 in all but debate, where Dane Madousin? Yes, the characters Dane and Aerin do fall in love Sign in to write reviews.

Or maybe it was the fact that that her criticism disturbed him at all. The arguments, though fictitious, have substance and have not been written for the sake of it. And souped up technology acadeym, mostly science fantasy technology, but don’t let that put you off.

The vulnerability and emotional exposure keeps shifting out of balance as secrets are accidentally revealed or deduced by the other. It’s a really good book and amazing writing that pulls you in and makes you want more. Maldred the evil sorcerer is back and wants to gain control Jul 06, Aerin and Osterludn are both multifaceted and compelling, and watching them grow and change with each other is a joy.

Charlotte’s Library: Academy 7, by Anne Osterlund

James Patterson author of Along Cam Unveil the intrigue on her website. In My Veins Andrew Belle ft. With a past too terrible to speak of, and a bleak, lonely future ahead of her, Aerin Renning is shocked to find she has earned a place at the most exclusive school in the universe.

It is confusing in the beginning but the mind of the reader grasps the concept soon enough, If I could sum up Set in the futuristic world, where life is not restricted to one planet only but extends to other planets as well, this is a blend of science fiction, romance and mystery.