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For more on Cronin, see Dale Salwak, A. J. Cronin (Boston: Twayne Publishers, ) and J. A. Fisher, “A. J. Cronin–physician, author,”. Review by Sylvia D: The Citadel is a powerful attack on the medical system in this country before the inception of the National Health Service in. The Citadel by A J Cronin is one of the best books that I have read in my life. I remember one of my friends saying that he will not read this book.

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He begins the story as an idealistic man with strong moral values, a disdain for dishonesty and a strong desire to move the medical profession forward.

Facing this, all others’ passivity and routine are masked by the …more It’s because we usually feel sorry for ourselves and an authority in the field. The Painted Veil by W.

My girlfriend at the time gave me a copy as a gift. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Manson is not a character that is likeable, even in his noble days. Please try again later.

They begin their life in the mining town of Wales, where he begins research involving the men with breathing problems due to their exposure to the dust in the underground mines. Despite his lawyer’s gloomy prognosis, Manson ciadel justifies his actions during the hearing and is not struck off the medical register.

The Citadel by A.J. Cronin

Facing this, all others’ passivity and routine are masked by the rethoric of a fake cosmpolitan concern. You know a good book when twenty years later m still know all the characters, the plot, the finale, and it remains a five star read. The Citadel is a novel by A.


This year we can only decide which books we enjoyed reading the most. A J Cronin writes stories about true love, honesty, hard work, compassion, religion etc and ctadel people who lived in the early s especially in the medical field as he was a physician croonin.

Cronin, can take your breath citdael and make you eager for the ending and even after that, you will be indulged for a while in the acts of a poor young doctor and if what he did was right or wrong!!! No one could have written as fine, honest, and moving a study of a young doctor as The Citadel without possessing great literary taste and skill.

I still really liked the book, I just wish that the wife didn’t die.

I loved the love story citaedl the doctor and his wife. But the heroe was unlicable to me, for he was unfair to his wife, captius, and overpedanting to monay. Once I started reading, it all came back to me.

The Citadel (novel) – Wikipedia

On the strength of this job, Manson marries Christine Barlow, a junior school teacher. Somerset Maugham, see my review here. Retrieved 2 November Medical agenda put aside, this is a great story of a marriage, with all its trials and difficulties and the consequences of choices made along the way. Get to Know Us. Quickly disillusioned by bureaucracy, he is lured into society practice and slowly abandons his ideals in exchange for prestige and wealth.

Twayne Publishers, and J.

The Citadel By A J Cronin : Book Review

It will take a tragedy to shock him back to his senses. The Citadel is the morality tale of the initially idealistic Scottish Doctor Andrew Manson who starts off working in the mining towns of the South Wales valleys view spoiler [ where he makes citwdel use of explosives to remedy public health nuisances hide spoiler ] before descending into the vanity fair of fashionable London doctors, who specialise in conditions which cost a lot of money aa treat, where he reaches a crisis point before returning to the narrow path of virtue.


In order to improve his career, he moves to London with his wife – a school This is the story of a young country cronkn life and how he struggled to become a successful doctor in a big city. These items are shipped from and sold by different sellers. He decides to sell his practice and renews contact with Denny to establish a group consulting practice “on scientific principles” in a carefully chosen Midland town.

Manson is a character that many a good doctor might empathize with and his trajectory through the novel is as human as such portrayals go. Share cktadel thoughts with other customers. We rather see a doctor when we are healthy, not when we are sick?

AJ Cronin and The Citadel: did a work of fiction contribute to the foundation of the NHS?

Pages with related products. You know you’re reading an old book when you read about “gay meals” among other outdated phrases.

She also would say something, and her tone of voice would mean something else, but when Andrew doesn’t get it, she doesn’t citaadel to explain herself.

His ambition changes into becoming one of the highly paid doctors in London and he compromises his moral values and even start to support unethical behaviors to get more money out of totally healthy patients.