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The second edition of A Dictionary of Tocharian B includes substantially all Tocharian B words found in regularly published texts, as well as all those of the. A dictionary of Tocharian B first appeared in and has been a standard work ever since. It combines very successfully and practically a diachronic. A Dictionary of Tocharian B is the first major dictionary of either Tocharian language to appear. It attempts to include all known Tocharian B words.

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The tcoharian of clear examples of the Tocharian development of PIE “thorn” clusters leaves us without parallels. See also possibly kus- and kutk. My library Help Advanced Book Search. For another, see H: VWfollowing Bailey, None of these explanations is particularly compelling from either the semantic or morphological point of view.

With regard to the first, it is od necessary that calle belong with the other two or, even more specifically, that k u calle and kutsau belong together.

Krause and Thomas give in their grammar, but not in their lexicon, the TchA acc. TchA koy – cf. It would be better to see the lion’s head as curled up on one of its paws. Phonologically and semantically less likely is Hilmarsson’s connection H: On the other hand, Normier Not with Hilmarsson b: The preceding entry would appear to be the verbal adjective of the same verb. Less likely is Hilmarsson’s suggestion H: This proposal seems much more satisfactory than the others.


That tem – is old in the history of Greek seems assured by the presence of a reduplicated aorist, a moribund type in the oldest attested Greek, and not one at all likely to be built analogically to a new verbal root. This is not the type of word that one expects to be borrowed and, moreover, such a theory does not account for the stem formation. The loss of the medial vowel in an open syllable is perfectly regular in TchA. Like the rest of Indo-European, Tocharian gives evidence for only a thematic present to this root: The older connection Sieg, Siegling, and Schulze, For other cognates, see Watkins In both languages the plural of this noun is analogical.

His publications have been largely devoted to explorations of the lexicon and morphology of Proto-Indo-European and, particularly, of Tocharian.

A Dictionary of Tocharian B – Adams, Douglas Q. Adams – Google Books

Further connections are unknown. Brill Rodopi Pages Arabic: Neither the Tocharian nor the Hittite side of the equation allows us to know the nature of the two obstruents of this root MA: This dating provides the beginning of the study of the Tocharian B vocabulary on a historical basis. I entreat thee and call to thee with a wish! The resemblance between Tocharian and Germanic in this case is remarkable.

Further connections are unknown see VW: Thus we have at 4a4: Extra-Tocharian connections, if any, are uncertain.

Nor does it match the privatives in – tte masculine: Selected pages Title Page. Thus either Lane’s or Jasanoff’s suggestions will work phonologically, but neither is particularly compelling semantically. Somewhat similarly Hilmarsson H: The Sanskrit and Tocharian words must be independent formations.


A Dictionary of Tocharian B – Douglas Q. Adams – Google Books

The semantic equation between the Tocharian and Anatolian words would, of course, be perfect. Each word is given in all its various attested morphological forms, in its variant spellings, and discussed semantically, syntactically where appropriateand etymologically.

Extra-Tocharian connections are not absolutely certain. Alternatively Hilmarsson later dicrionary In Tocharian we have a semantic shift from physical possession to mental possession. English Tocharian B reverse index.

See also okt and oktanka. See also eye and aiyye.

Adams, Douglas Q.: A Dictionary of Tocharian B. Revised and Greatly Enlarged, Vol. I–II

For a slightly different reconstruction, see Puhvel, So early a date might itself rule out the Turks on tochafian grounds. See also ente and intsu. The imperative forms sg.

dictiinary Winter’s suggestion of a borrowing in the opposite direction is no more plausible. It is better to divide this group into four etyma MA: AdamsDouglas Q. With ai- ei – we have: