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I went on Digikey, armed with a data sheet, and there do appear I searched on “MOSFET dual gate” and RF Fets, and found a bunch. MOSFET datasheet, cross reference, circuit and application notes in pdf format. NTE Equvilent NTE MOSFET N-CHANNEL DUAL GATE 20V IDSS= 5- 35MA TO CASE GATE PROTECTED VHF AMP/MIXER NTE Data Sheet.

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No mention of cross-refs…? Is there even the vaguest hope of something like that for FPGAs?

40673 MOSFET. Datasheet pdf. Equivalent

The 45 dB range 8 bits in voltage devices are dirt cheap and super common. Inverters are not particularly space constrained. But a cheap opamp was the same part. By comparison, nowadays we can quickly buy almost any device or component in production from a multitude of suppliers. Big paper-bound books the size of telephone directories were our only window into the exciting world of electronic components. The big retailers still have catalogs.

Compare that with some power mosfets that seems like if you breathe on them wrong they will expire. Now all this said there is perhaps a different case for the ol Dxtasheet and the likes but still they are cheap. By using our website and services, you expressly agree to the placement of our performance, functionality and advertising cookies.

Sometimes there are components for which there are no perfect replacements. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Make a circuit with me.


You are commenting using your Twitter account. My EE course tried to teach me to be an EE academic more than it did a professional engineer.

That line was ambiguous. The 1n34a is such a part that does not seem to see much need outside of hobbyist radio circles. They needed to know what was going on in the circuit, and the general specs of the semiconductors.

All of your bases ARE belong to us. Digikey is one of the better ones, but still inadequate. On the gripping hand, Sometimes I think the FTDI clones got it right; emulate and package as the original, name it as the original, and use modern process inside, invisible to the hobbyist.

I sure hope not!. The same thing happened when AD acquired Burr Brown. Pocket money single board computers with real power and easy interfacing. In the early sixties, the JFET came along, those were seen as less prone to overload. Zombie components are alive and well in the aviation world. My understanding is that they have a reasonably good NF and they allow you to build a combination mixer-amplifier in a single device. Circuits in the maker and hobbyist arena have a nasty habit of sticking around, regardless of how good they are.

The Curse Of The 40673: Zombie Components That Refuse To Die

Don Lancaster may have written something on the topic, though finding it might not be so easy. How times have changed. Conversely, making inverters cheaper actually has a huge effect on the market. These were balanced mixers, the extra transistors irrelevant because it was in an IC.


Transistors came along, and early shortwave radios were often lousy, the bipolar transistors overloaded too easily. I used my time as a student as an example because it happened to be where I first saw an HC device.

Some websites are absolutely woeful, bringing up datasheeg that have one word of your search in them, and in no way relate to what you need… eg: But then again the young generation have opportunities we never came near.

The Curse Of The Zombie Components That Refuse To Die | Hackaday

Balanced mixers had advantage. Epoxy-blobs, I tell you! I repaired a big brand audio Amp late last year. A bit late but anyway, a mosfet like the can be swapped with two N jfets in cascode configuration just like in these example:.

I guess it comes down to what you mean by replacement. There are markets where product life expectancy and maintainability are more of concern and this introduces some other dynamics. The window for scrounging is closing. I am guilty of rarely using op amps, and replace them with transistors whenever possible: Learn how your comment data is processed.