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PFXGPHTADYK. PFXGPTAD PFXGPHTADGK. PFXGPHTADK. PFXGPHTADR. PFXGPHTADRK CA3- CFCALL/MB We have demonstrated that Ca3(1– y)La3(1–x)(BO3)5: 3xCe3+, 3yMn2+ phosphors exhibit great potential to 3Guangdong Provincial Key Laboratory of Fibers Laser Materials and Applied Techniques, 3, (). Recurrent CA3–CA3 synapses are thought to be the subcellular substrate of pattern completion. .. K. Nakazawa,; T. J. McHugh,; M. A. Wilson,; S. Tonegawa .. 16, – (). doi/nn pmid

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Comparison of population coherence of place cells in hippocampal subfields CA1 and CA3. The values measured for dendrites are overestimates of the true membrane-delimited diameters due to diffraction point spread function.

Pattern Separation of Emotional Information in Hippocampal Dentate and CA3

Functional images were collected using a high-speed EPI single-shot pulse sequence 1. Measuring lateral tissue shrinkage of the vibratome sections To estimate the dimensions of the cells in the perfusion fixed brain, the measurements obtained in the HRP-reacted, resin-embedded sections needed to be expanded to the dimensions of the freshly sectioned brain.

As each mossy fiber gives few synapses, PV-expressing basket cells receive input from convergent granule cells, which can drive CA3 interneuron firing Toth et al. In addition to synapses received by the cells on dendrites, we also estimated the synapses received on the soma Table 3 ; 3 cells shown. The stereotactic coordinates and physiological criteria Tukker et al.

Six of the interneurons had axonal arbors concentrated in and around the stratum pyramidale Fig. Recordings could be used only with significant coupling of firing to both CA1 and CA3 theta, and between CA1 and CA3 theta 4 of 5 basket cell and 11 of 15 pyramidal cell recordings.

All participants were screened against major medical or psychiatric morbidities, substance abuse history, as well with the additional exclusion criteria of MRI contraindications such as the presence of metal in the body.

Immunolocalization of metabotropic glutamate receptor 1a mGluR1a in distinct classes of interneuron in the CA1 region of the rat hippocampus.


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The relatively fast mossy fiber-evoked activation of CA3 basket cells may make them less sensitive to subsequent feedback excitation from the activated pyramidal cells through shunting or reducing the driving force of synaptic currents. The dendritic shafts of basket cells had very few spines in general, except in the deep stratum oriens and alveus, where they could have a variable density of spines. We did not examine this in detail in our study, but future experiments should address the role of positive emotions in more detail.

Distinct nonuniform cable properties optimize rapid and efficient activation of fast-spiking GABAergic interneurons. Following processing and embedding in epoxy resin under a coverslip see details abovethese sections were imaged again.

Unitary inhibitory synaptic potentials in the guinea-pig hippocampus in vitro. Thus, our analyses compared the following conditions: Their measured parameters are given in Table 1. Dendritic surface area per layer calculated. For this first gamma analysis, no spike-artifact removal was used, but after visual inspection, LFP signals with large action potential artifacts were discarded to prevent detection of spurious correlations. Jones4, 5 and Michael A.

Pattern Separation of Emotional Information in Hippocampal Dentate and CA3

We selected voxels for subsequent analyses based on combining the voxels that changed with any of the task conditions in the healthy sample with anatomical ROIs. The medial temporal lobe. Error bars indicate SD. An additional ten participants experiencing symptoms of depression DS group: Induction of sharp wave-ripple complexes in vitro and reorganization of hippocampal networks.

Disinhibition mediates a form of hippocampal long-term potentiation in area CA1.

Section compression was calculated by dividing the width of EM sections measured perpendicular to the diamond knife blade X — Y plane on low-magnification electron micrographs by the width of the tissue block face in the resin, measured on light microscopic tracings by a drawing tube. Depression and the hippocampus: Although the data from high similarity items alone showed a trend towards an emotional modulation effect, increasing our power by analyzing all similar items both high and low 3310 in a significant emotional modulation signal specific to lure correct rejections.


Time and spike count are normalized as above.

When one considers the spike timing of putative pyramidal cells relative to PV-expressing basket cells, using CA1 as a reference Fig. Sharp wave-associated high-frequency oscillation Hz in the intact hippocampus: Firing of CA3 PV-expressing basket and putative pyramidal cells is phase locked to field gamma oscillations, both recorded locally in CA3 and downstream in area CA1.

Materials and Methods All animal procedures were performed in accordance with the Animals Scientific Procedures Act, United Kingdom and associated regulations. Representative slices in each hippocampus that best closest cq3 the slices described were chosen and segmented according to the atlas description.

If a pyramidal cell provides only two synapses, the number of converging pyramidal cells will be 11, Spike count is normalized per cell.

Such disinhibition could contribute to plasticity between CA3 pyramidal cells Ormond and Woodin, Emotion and episodic memory in neuropsychiatric disorders. Frequency of maximal coupling f max was We have shown recently that discrimination and generalization are not synonymous with recollection and familiarity Kim and Yassa, and that l two dimensions can be orthogonalized. Our results demonstrate the power of the emotional pattern separation framework and its utility for examining memory and mood disturbances.

Two routes to emotional memory: Current source density analysis of the hippocampal theta rhythm: The mediolateral and anteroposterior extents were 0.

Cholinergic innervation of the rat hippocampus as revealed by choline acetyltransferase immunocytochemistry: We could not take a representative EM sample of J31a because not enough sections were processed for EM. The differences between CA1 and CA3 PV-expressing basket cells are specific adaptation of the same cell type to the distinct roles of these areas in information processing.

DLight 331 of a dendritic grapelike formation arrows in stratum radiatum on a dendrite of cell B15a.